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by - Sunday, October 06, 2013

While you're sipping your pumpkin lattes and snacking on crisp hand picked apples from the weekend's excursion, there are some wardrobe necessities to behold.
This fall is all about making a personal statement - in bold accessories or quiet details reflecting a keen eye for current fashion tides. One thing is certain - no matter what trends you want to follow, and there are many, it's all in the details. There is still time to add my Top Ten Picks for Fall 2013-14 style, keeping you in the big league with top trendsetters.

1) Clutching companions... The hottest bag you can grab and go with this Fall 2013 is a clutch purse. Whether it is big, small or somewhere in between, the variety available from designer to vintage present choices to fit just about every need. If you are like me, I need a fairly large purse, one to house neatly my wallet, phone, appointment book (yes, I still carry one, for handwritten notes), make-up bag, sunglasses and more. Go for color rich or clean black and white to add currency to your look with distinction, commanding significant style.

2) Furry friends... If you haven't seen the colorful menagerie of fur accessories and garments from Fendi, you really need to check the runway shots out now on Style.com. While the funky combinations may be a bit too much for your taste, it doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Anything faux / fur trimmed will do from outerwear to sweaters, scarves and even hats...

3) Cap it off... Yes, hats crown the list of accessories, especially if they are chauffeur caps or post-boy styles. Plaids, menswear fabrics, leather, and even as mentioned before in fur have topped the street fashion and add a playful touch to the more serious menswear androgynous out-fittings.

4) Lengthy matters... Sporting a statement coat or longer jacket will provide the perfect edge in your fashion conscious wardrobe. The long list of options include knits with distinct details, such as besom pockets, leather trimming, studs, and dusters are making a very strong comeback. So get that serious showcase piece to throw over all of your sexy fall looks - especially the knee-high boots...
5) New heights... Number one shoe for winter? Go out and get a pair of high boots. Whether they are over the knee or at the knee, a great leather boot is in tall order, preferably studded or with grommets, buckled, top-stitched or even strapped. The details are key. And black is the number one color in lambskin, polyvinyl, or stretch fabric and once again, fur-trimmed.

6) Split level... The modern twists on the runway reflect a variety of lengths - preferably all mixed in one ensemble to create a split level look. A shorter jacket over a longer layered knit with a cropped menswear pant revealing a high boot cuts to the chase with viable trends easily achieved by mixing elements. The sky is the limit with this so cut and splice the pieces to fit your body shape and proportion for the maximum style benefit.

7) Pucker up rosy... The rose trend can be worn as a photographic print, the motif in color knit and embroidery, or simply the shade on your lips. From luscious wines to hot poppy ruby, there are many shades of rose that will set fire to your fall looks and lighten the more serious styles with a classic flair for the season.

8) Roomy with the new... Wait a minute, prepare to get out those oversize sweaters you have kept in storage and slip them over some skinny jeans. You can add those high boots with that too! Intarsia sweaters and fisherman cables are the hottest (and coziest) tickets to winter wear. In bold colors or simple winter white to show off the beauty of the stitching, your favorite mate's knit will become your best friend this season.

9)Texture territory... Quilting is padding the outerwear scene in leather, suede and lots of novelty synthetics. Pick up a "cushion" piece to contribute to the classic looks you sport with fall finesse. Select with care - this could be a curated wardrobe purchase. 

10) Persnickety plaid... Tartans and multi-color plaids will spice it up contributing culture to the mixture. With the menswear thread running through your closet additions, mini hounds-tooth patterns, chevrons, tattersall, and border tartans add bold or quiet distinction to style masters. Find the patterns in jackets, accessory scarves, and even shoes. How about a tartan ballet flat?

So there you have it. And this list can go on and be interpreted unlimited number of ways. Just use your imagination and watch your budget. If you pick up a pricey piece, make it a wardrobe investment classic. If you pick up an inexpensive flash-in-the-pan perk, wear it and work it, then give it away at the end of the season. Plan your wardrobe and fall fashionably into modern day style via 2013-14. Enjoy and dress responsibly... xoxo-Sonya

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