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by - Friday, April 05, 2013

Strolling along, we can't help but catch fragments of foreign phrases - French, Japanese, Czech, Upper East Side English. It is a constant stream of multilingual thought. We are all travelers on the high promenade, following the tracks. Most of the plantings in between are still trimmed and dry, but a hint of green is beginning to pop out just below the fuzzy pussy willows. Purple crocus spreads out like a picnic blanket in one spot. A couple asks us to take their picture. And then we see a great wall of color. The traffic stops and we all admire the high art before us.
It's our first time here on New York's High Line - a public park elevated above the streets of Manhattan’s West Side on the historic freight rail line. It is the perfect public gallery for artists. Friends of the High Line, who perpetuate the park, encourage creativity to engage the uniqueness of the architecture and history. Though we traveled from just 18th Street to 30th, we witnessed several colorful examples by artists fostering a connection with the surrounding neighborhood and urban landscape. These are just a few...

We got a great laugh from this last one. I imagine many a passerby fighting an urge to peek into the level apartment windows just a few yards away. All of a sudden you turn around, and there he is smiling and waving from a neighbor's bedroom. Even the residents along the park have the perfect venue to contribute high art for our enjoyment.

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