Mind over matter...

by - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Opened up new packs of Sculpey. What will I create this time? Besides molding intricate roses in the clay, time to create a little something different... Let's take a look...

With all my notes, design ideas of future projects are in front of me. For Free Spirit, I combine jade, carnelian, soapstone, mother of pearl and glass with the hand sculpted impressed drops.
Soft tones of sun-bleached terracotta clay, apricot, ochre and celadon are accented by natural suede cording with touches of silver in between. 
A modern version of twisted roses and leaves, bigger and bolder. The newly molded pieces need to cool after baking. Later, a coat of clear lacquer will be applied to seal and finish.
Pearlized accents bring New Eve to life with help from antique cameos, wooden flowers, a metal tassel and braided silver chain.
When it comes to clay, creating a little something unique always empowers mind over matter. Okay, now back to the studio... xoxo-Sonya

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