At the Masquerade...

by - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A shy glance sweeps the room, secret guests hide behind gilded facades... Who is here? And over there? No one really knows at the masquerade ball...

Elegant masks have been in fashion since the twelfth century, fancied at Venetian carnivals to keep guests' true identity hidden. Wealthy socials were forbidden to consort with commoners, yet behind a mask, they were free to be anything they wanted for the evening, enabling conversation with ones outside their social circle. During the Italian Renaissance they were used for high society balls and parties. Luxury and elegance reigned at these affairs, and people often used the soirees to make illegal or secret financial transactions as well as sexual favors. No one knew because in disguise, they were anonymous to everyone else. How very naughty...

Masquerade... to disguise yourself or to look as a another person, creature or thing. It also stands for mystery and intrigue. Both men and women alike wore these masks, made into an image of what they desired to become. So elaborate were the designs and workmanship, they commanded the highest caliber of artistry and still remain popular today, especially during  Halloween  and Mardi Gras.

Here is a little something for the ball... All  made by hand of lace, brocade, encrusted with jewels, glass, and feathers, I created these beauties in the spirit of a time past, to echo opulence suited for a contemporary affair. Have a look...
Stardust Silver
Gilded Gold
Masquerade Trio
Elegance in Ebony
Are you ready for the Masquerade?... xoxo-Sonya

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